Research Groups
Multi-Robot Systems Lab at Rice University, USA
Robobees: Micro Air Vehicles Project, USA
Multirobot Lab, The Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
MuRoLa - The Multi-Robot Lab, Institute of Automatic Control Engineering, Germany
Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS), University of Waterloo, Canada
IRSGroup:Intelligent Robot and Systems Group, Portugal
Self-organizing Systems Research Group, Harvard University, USA
COllaboration Based Robotics and Automations (COBRA) Group, University of New Brunswick, Canada

Formica: Affordable, open source swarm robotics
AMiR: Swarm Mobile Robot Platform
Swarmrobot: Open-source micro-robotic project
James McLurkin, Rice University
Multi satellite systems, Univeristy of Wurzburg, Germany

Autonomous Multirobot Systems
Cooperative Control of Multi-Robot Systems
Special Topics in Multi-Robot Systems
Mobile Robots and Multi-Robot Systems
Multi-Robot Systems: Robotic Soccer with Legged Robots
Autonomous Multi-Robot Systems
Autonomous Multi-Robot Systems
Analysis and Control of Multi-Robot Systems
Multi-Robot Systems

Software Frameworks
Open Robot Control Software (OROCOS)
Advanced Robotics Interface for Applications (ARIA)
Microsoft Robotics Studio
Mason: Multiagent Simulation Toolkit
Repast: Agent-based modeling and simulation platform
NetLogo: Multi-agent programmable modeling environment
Comparison of agent-based modeling software